Why Solar?

Life Is About Choices

The ever increasing cost of electricity using conventional fossil fuel sources is a source of concern for us all. As prices continue to spiral higher, how will we all be able to afford electricity in the future? The answer is Solar Simple. Instead of renting electricity and praying that the prices go down, we can choose to take control of our energy supply and install solar on our homes and businesses. Solar is clean, free, and a lifetime choice that makes perfect sense.

Electric Rates…Going Up or Down?

Utility rates have continued to increase year after year and it is predicted that this trend will continue. Solar utilization insulates our families and businesses from these financial burdens while increasing the value of our properties, protecting our environment, and providing us with additional savings that can be used for retirement, the kid’s education, or whatever use we choose.


Do You Like Hot Water?

A typical conventional water heater uses 4,500 watts of power to heat water. When we open a faucet at our home, this is the equivalent of turning on 45-100 watt lightbulbs. Simply said, solar keeps the light bulbs…off. This means more energy dollars in our pockets, hotter hot water, and longer showers…for free.

How is Conventional Electricity Produced?

In Florida, all of our conventional fuel sources are imported from other states. The price of fuel continues to fluctuate due to measures beyond our control, causing uncertainty about our energy future. This is also a potential problem should the fuel supply be halted for any number of reasons.

Solar utilization provides power that is not subject to short supply issues, taxation, or price fluctuations that impact us all.


Is There Another Way? Do We Have Options?

Solar energy is a smart, long-term investment that can greatly benefit both you and the environment. Not only is solar a renewable energy source, it’s sustainable and can drastically reduce your electric bills. Having solar energy creates insurance against the rising power prices, putting you in control of your utility rates. With so many drastic benefits, the time to switch to solar has never been better.

Why Solar Power?

It’s Mother Nature’s perfect gift. Solar is clean, environmentally safe, and inexhaustible. It doesn’t need to be imported, its usage can’t be taxed, and the energy source is free. Relax and let the sun do the work!


Why Solar-Fit?

With over 17,000 local solar installations, it’s easy to see why Solar-Fit has been voted the area’s Best Solar Contractor year after year. Our Solar Easy Plans offer systems for every family size and budget. We’ll help you design the perfect system for your home, and save money while doing it.

Why Now?

What if we told you that you could go solar for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day? How about $0 down financing options? Continually rising electric rates, utility solar rebates, and the 30% federal solar tax credit have made solar America’s #1 Home Improvement.