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“Our sales advisor was instrumental in our decision to use Solar-Fit. Although we had no prior knowledge of solar energy utilization, They were able to explain the process from start to finish including site selection, installation and technical attributes. Thanks for a superior product and helpful, knowledgeable staff.”

— Bobby Brewer

“I can honestly say that Solar-Fit was the right fit for me and my family. Everyone wants to ‘Go Green,’ but worries about the cost and efficiency. I had Solar-Fit install a solar hot water heater in my house in 2010. With a family of four, there are plenty of showers, laundry being done, the dishwasher being run, and the like. We never lack for hot water, and the savings on my electric bill have been so significant that the investment has already paid for itself! It’s great to know that this green technology is available here locally from a company that knows what they are doing. I would recommend the professionals at Solar-Fit to anyone! ”

— Don Burnette, Port Orange

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! This Florida girl usaually isn’t in the pool until the end of May…Swam today in 84 degree water!!”

— K. Scully

“Sam was very professional and followed up from the initial presentation through installation. Very positive experience!”

— P. Welch

“The installation guys were just great. What excellent time management workers. Thank you!”

— G. Krayniak

“From the moment we met Joe, we felt like family! WE were very excited to use our pool the same day of installation! Thank you! :)”

— The Priesters

“The presentation was so great we decided not to look at other companies!”

— S. Toth

“I am a physically disabled senior citizen with a minuscule fixed income. A little more than a year ago, I had an unexpected windfall when a cousin whom I had seen only 3 times in my memory died and left me a small sum of money. The cost of living keeps going up but my income does not. Because I am a serious asthmatic, I desperately need to keep my nebulizer and other electrical appliances going and still be able to eat after paying the bills. I decided to invest that small amount into a minimal solar electric installation. Since that time my electric bill has decreased by half. Definitely this was the wisest and best use for this unexpected blessing and has allowed the blessing to continue for me on a daily basis.”

— Jeanne deSemery

“After moving to Ormond Beach in 2009 from Minnesota we were surprised with the very high energy bills to heat and cool our home. Even though Minnesota had very cold winters, we had natural gas which was much cheaper than electricity and our home was better insulated. We were motivated to go solar because of the continuously increasing utility bills. We knew that our return on investment would increase as the cost of electricity increases. Our goal was to make an investment in our financial future along with helping the environment and we love using the sun rays to accomplish these goals. With the pool and solar pool blanket we were still swimming in late November. We have had our Solar-Fit systems for 6 months. Our electric usage is 45% of what it was during the same six months in the previous year. We highly recommend the solar hot water for the quickest return on investment. If you love to swim, the solar pool heating system and solar blanket are priceless. The PV system has truly been an excellent investment, as our meter actually runs backwards at times! We are simply delighted with not paying FPL.”

— Mary Jo and Guy Smith

“I purchased the PV System about a year and half ago for my pharmacy in Palm Coast. I had already had a system on my personal residence that was installed about 3 years ago so I knew the cost savings and importance of adding this system to my business.

The #1 reason I decided to make this investment was that it made the most economical sense. Solar Fit answered all my questions and they were very knowledgeable and informative. They made it so there was no interruption in our business while the installation was happening. The staff was very friendly and easy to work with.

We are saving a couple hundred dollars a month and are very satisfied with our system and Solar Fit. We would highly recommend them to anyone, especially for the business owner who is looking to continue to save in their future.”

Home Care Pharmacy of Florida is located at 6 Florida Park Drive, Palm Coast, FL 32137 and their number is 386-445-1212.

— Home Care Pharmacy of Florida – Joe Corgan