Solar-Fit Welcomes Company Additions

If you are passing by the Solar-Fit headquarters in the morning on Ridgewood Avenue, you will find it bustling with activity. Headquarter employees arrive ready to start the day with a smile, while installation crews pack their trucks and roll out in caravans to welcome new residential or commercial customers to the Solar-Fit family. Inside Solar-Fit headquarters, many changes are occurring. Solar-Fit is excited to announce our new team members! We are so thankful for the support of the local community, without which our ability to spread the word on renewable energy would not be possible.

                                 CHRIS DULAK: SERVICE COORDINATOR 


First, we would like to introduce Chris Dulak who is our new Service Coordinator! Need someone to come out and inspect your solar-fit system? Have questions about a current Solar-Fit system? Need help with troubleshooting an installed Solar-Fit system? Need to place an order for additional Solar-Fit system parts? Our customers can count on Chris to handle our Solar-Fit family needs! Some fun facts about Chris include: She was a legal assistant for twenty-five years before coming to the company and is a proud grandmother of six.





 Chris Dulak: Service Coordinator  

                                ALI MACGILLIVRAY: MARKETING MANAGER


We don’t just want to sell our products to customers; we want our customers to become members of the Solar-Fit family. Solar-Fitting your home is an exciting process and current Solar-Fit family members can attest to this. Next, we would like to introduce Ali MacGillivray, our new Marketing Manager. Ali is here to keep our Solar-Fit family in the loop about current industry news and to help connect new Solar-Fit members to the community. You may see her at local events or giving presentations at local schools to talk about the benefits and future of solar energy. We know that members of the solar community believe in the miracle of harnessing the sun’s free energy just as much as we do! Her mission is to spread the good word and strengthen the solar energy community. Some fun facts about Ali: She is a recent graduate of Stetson University and her favorite color is turquoise.





Ali MacGillivray: Marketing Manager  



          Laurie Campbell is our new Permit Coordinator. Did you know that Solar-Fitting your residential or commercial real estate often requires a permit? No worries, because we take care of all of your needs from the first phone call to the final installation. We handle all of the paperwork needed to acquire approval for Solar-Fit residential and commercial additions. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun’s free energy. Solar-Fitting your home or business is hassle free with the help of Laurie in the permit department. A fun fact about Laurie is that she is a huge animal lover! She has been rescuing and rehabilitating greyhounds for many years and also used to train german shepherds to be service dogs!












Laurie Campbell: Permitting Coordinator