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Why solar power?
  • Quiet ✓ 
  • Clean ✓
  • Renewable ✓
  • Inexhaustible ✓ 
  • No Emissions ✓
  • Homeowners and business owners can earn available energy credits and increase the value of their homes and businesses ✓ 
Why now?

Pollution, climate change, and fossil fuel dependency have become global concerns. Whether we live in Florida, New York, California or anywhere else in America, we will all be impacted by these factors as the population of our planet increases. 

Utility costs keep increasing with no end in sight. They’re eroding our disposable income. But many of us feel we have no choice but to keep on paying. Distributed solar power changes that, allowing each of us to produce and benefit from the “homegrown energy” that we create on our rooftops. 

The price of solar power has dropped to the point that qualifying homeowners and business owners can essentially “trade their electric bills for solar” without disrupting their existing budget. 

Qualifying homeowners and business owners can now own a solar system for ZERO money down and let the utility savings pay for their new energy system.

Homes with solar have a greater value at the time of resale since a portion or a majority of the new owner’s utility cost will be FREE.

Homeowners and business owners may qualify for a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit.

What types of solar systems are available?

SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS – PHOTOVOLTAIC: Solar power systems turn the sun’s energy into electricity to power our homes and businesses. This home grown power source will allow you to essentially “watch your power meter spinning backwards” and keep your hard earned money in your piggy bank.

What are Solar Storage Systems?

Powerwall  Lithium technology battery systems to provide back-up power and nighttime energy savings through “state of the art” solar power storage. As more utility companies move to time of use and demand charges, advanced energy storage systems will play an important part in your overall energy savings and your family’s security in the future. 

Is going solar expensive?

The price of select solar technologies has dropped over 75% in the last 8 years. This fiscal benefit when combined with specialized renewable energy financing programs has made solar available to nearly every homeowner or business owner. In many cases, solar adopters can now enjoy all the benefits of solar for ZERO DOWN and without disrupting their current budget. They can essentially trade their electric bill for solar power!

Is the Solar process disruptive?

Selecting an ideal solar contractor like Solar-Fit is once again very important in this regard. The experienced professional solar contractor will be familiar with the required permits and the grid-interconnect agreements making the installation process seamless and a breeze.

What are the potential federal tax credits?

RESIDENTIAL Solar system investments may provide a 26% federal solar tax credit to qualifying residential customers.

COMMERCIAL Solar system investments may provide a 26% federal solar tax credit and special depreciation consideration to qualifying commercial customers.

Please check with your tax advisor for information specific to your application.

What system is right for you?

Your State Licensed Solar Contractor will guide you through the process of helping you analyze your energy usage and suggest the best solar solutions based on your family or business needs.