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“Quality First” Solar Alliance

Share our passion, get up to $1000

I would like to join the “Quality First” Solar Alliance & earn money for helping others Solar-Fit their homes.

I understand that the people I refer will be under no obligation to purchase any product or services from Solar-Fit.

When they choose to invest in a Solar-Fit solar power (PV) system for their home, I will earn $100 per KW purchased if my referral is received before anybody else submits the same prospect.

Example: I refer Tom and Sue and they purchase one of the following Solar-Fit solar power (PV) systems for their home.

System SizeMy Compensation
3.6 KW$360
5 KW$500
7.5 KW$750
10 KW$1,000

Additional “Quality First” Awards

ItemMy Compensation
Qualifying Presentation$25
Solar Attic Fan Sale$50
Solar Pool Sale$150
Solar Hot Water Sale$150
Solar Air Conditioning Sale$150
Backup Battery Sale$150

I understand that all referrals are time sensitive and are logged on a first come first serve basis and that only one fee will be paid per referral. My compensation will be paid following the installation and final payment.

Referral Submission Form

Please contact the following individual(s) and let them know that as a Solar-Fit customer and friend, I suggested that you call to help them learn more about the benefits of using the sun’s free energy to power their home.

I have told them to expect your call: