Let’s Talk About Summer

Summer is a very exciting time of year for many families. Kids are out of school and enjoying their summer activities, grilling and barbequing aromas fill the neighborhood air, and Florida beaches become a top destination for all walks of life. Summer is one of the best times of year to travel and do fun family activities, but with the fantasies of beach balls and sun tan lotions comes daunting hot weather and high utility bills. Florida experiences tropical-like weather nearly year-round, which can be a double-edged sword. Talk to just about any homeowner and one of their top complaints likely includes dealing with the cost of high utility bills. According to the Sun Sentinel, the average Florida homeowner uses anywhere from 1,200 to 2,800 kilowatts of electricity a month. Based on these kilowatt usages, average electricity costs throughout the state range from $112 to $289. However, there are some Florida households who dream of having utility bills that low. Furthermore, these numbers do not accurately reflect summer averages, which are typically much higher than the yearly average. Florida paradise comes with a hefty a price, but do we really have to continue paying high utility rates? Some people might accept that paying these fees are a fact of life and move on. But what if I told you that you could break free from the bonds of high utility costs? What if I told you that solar energy would be one of the best investments you ever made for your home or business? Don’t believe me? Well, let me prove it to you. One of our sales advisors, Gloria, installed solar panels on her home and enjoys $8 dollar utility bills most months. And the only reason she even pays that is because of the service fee required for her to be hooked up to the grid. Could you imagine paying $8 dollars a month? What would you do with all of the money you saved? We have many customers thoroughly enjoy their systems and are extremely happy with their investment, which allowed them to put money towards something much more meaningful like a child’s college fund or retirement funding. Gloria’s success with her Solar-Fit installation is not a marketing ploy or a sneaky call to action to buy some product. Rather, it’s a testament that solar energy really works and is extremely cost effective. Knowing that happiness is an $8 dollar monthly utility bill simply makes sense, not just for our homes and businesses, but also for the environment. So, what are your plans for summer?